Companies culture

Required: 1. Please select a company from the top 100 list 2. Read the overview provided for ranking details through the website. This will give you initial idea about company best practices. 3. Visit the original website of the company you select, and read more about its practices from different other resources. 4. Prepare a short summary of your findings that should include the following: – Why this company was selected as one of the best companies to work for? – What are they doing different? – How did their ranking change compare to previous years? if applicable.. – Comment on the internal culture, which dimensions of culture are stressed by the company? – From the company website and additional research you do, look for things such as corporate mission and vison, values, CSR & Ethics actions,… etc. Write a reflection around (600-800) words. Relate what you find to concepts discussed so far in the course. Note: Please avoid direct copying from resources. Reflection should be based on your understanding and analysis of findings rather than copying. Visit the website: Check the Top Fortune100 Company Lists: Podcasts:

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