Company Overview Assignment

Company choice is apple Assignment 2 – Company – Company Overview The Company Overview assignment is the first part of your ongoing strategic management process for the course. Research your chosen company and thoroughly research and find as much information as possible. Use the companies website and avoid using non-business sites. Write the company overview using the APA format. In your APA formatted overview, you will need to include the following: APA Title page with your company logo, company name, title of assignment, student name, professor name and current date Table of Contents (created through Word) Company background & history (from the beginning to current year) Your companies industry description and outlook for next 10 years Company current vision statement, mission statement, and objectives Company leadership (ie. CEO or President) and their leadership style Company products and/or services Company target market based on demographics and psychographics Company location(s): national and/or international All parts of the company overview should be written in order and complete sentences. The assignment should be in the APA format. 2- Discussion Question 2 * Company choice is Walmart Research and describe your Fortune 500 company’s marketing profile. Answer the following questions: What is the difference between a product and service? List three (3) of your company’s top – product OR service. What is a target market? What is your company’s target market of the products and services based on demographics and psychographics of your target? Resource information: Your past marketing class will prepare you for this marketing profile. IMPORTANT NOTE: This company MUST be different from your Assignment research company. Please remember this company – you will be using it for all of your remaining Discussion Questions.

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