Comparative Analysis

Comparative Essay Comparative Analysis: The comparative analysis starts with a formal analysis of two or more individual pieces, and then adds another level of discussion that evaluates relevant similarities and differences between the pieces. This added level is useful in revealing details about trends within historical periods, regional similarities, or the growth of an individual artist over time. Essay Prompt: How was Bernini’s David (Fig. 23-4) different from sculptures by Michelangelo and Donatello on the same subject? Discuss the artist’s viewpoint, the expression, the moment in time, and the techniques. Requirements: Between 500-750 words typed = 3-4 pages (not including image) 1.5 spaced Include image and ID (artist’s name, the title of work, date of work’s completion, material) Include a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph Include a ‘works cited’ page with at least three accredited sources (the textbook can be one of them). For more information on Comparative Analysis read this:

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