Compare and Contrast

Choose one (1) of these questions to answer: 1. How have brands used brand characters on social media as ‘real people’ to contribute to building relationships? E.g. M&M, Ronald McDonald   2. How has communication changed since COVID? Look at the Communication model, analyze what works, and doesn’t work anymore. And come up with your own model of communication.   3.SIVA is the modern 4 Ps. Compare and contrast the old 4Ps and the new SIVA concept and analyze why SIVA is a better option in today’s world.   4. Brands and companies want to change or influence consumer attitudes. Explain and briefly analyze the models associated with this? Which are better in the 21st Century world that we live in.   5. It is said that marketing communication can create behavior change. List and explain the models that can try to do this. You can then answer this statement and analyze your answer: ‘Influencers have lost their ability to change behavior with the onset of COVID’.

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