Compare 3 maps related to Europe before, during and at the end of World War II. The first is the Jewish population of Europe before the war ( The second is an interactive map ( of the geographic location of ghettos and camps associated with the Holocaust. The third is an interactive map ( that shows what happened to survivors after the war.Make sure you read the map titles and explanatory notations, then the position of borders, and the legend (or key).Once you have examined the maps, write an essay (300-500 words) that answers the following:From what areas of Europe did Nazis round up Jews and to what areas of Europe did the Nazis send the Jews? What was the change in the Jewish population from before the war to 1945 and which nations saw the greatest losses in its Jewish population? What happened to the Displaced Persons at the end of the war and how long did it take to find a home?

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