Comparison between Michael Jackson and Prince

The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. However, Michael Jackson was one music personality that attracted admiration and media criticism in equal measure, perhaps due to several allegations leveled against him along the way (Sturgis 76). In this regard, it is worth noting that Michael Jackson was more of a performer while Prince was a great entertainer in the music industry whereby both artists dominated the pop music industry, particularly in the late 20th century (Anderson). This paper, therefore, compares Michael Jackson and Prince in terms of their music, life, the effect of their music on different cultures.Although Michael Jackson appeared to have dominated the pop music industry in the 1980s, it is worth noting that he had one archrival, Prince (Gulla 483). Since the music industry in the 20th century was not as robust as it is today, most of the musicians, Prince and Michael Jackson included, focuses on pop, jazz, and classical music (Borsboom 38). Indeed, people loved classical music back then, particularly if the music was done either by Prince or by Michael Jackson, as they were the major forces in the music industry at the time. In this respect, it is essential to state that both Michael Jackson and Prince were great Musicians of the 80s with a wide array of similarities and differences (Anderson).When it comes to the comparison between Michael Jackson and Prince, everyone holds their own opinion depending on the musician that entertained him most (Gulla 483). Nonetheless, there were certain striking similarities between their style of music, influence on culture, and life that virtually everyone would agree with (Sturgis 76). Of course, the first commonality between the two artists was that both originated from the United States of America (Krohn 53). Subsequently, Michael Jackson and Prince sang and performed American music that resonated well with most people across the globe (Borsboom 38).

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