Compensation Plans

InIn this assignment, you will research the compensation plan of an organization. You will describe the plan in sufficient detail. Additionally, you will demonstrate the application of at least four (4) compensation domains or concepts demonstrated in that company’s compensation platform.· Find peer-reviewed articles in the Herzing library or use business journals/articles.· You must include a minimum requirement of 4-5 full pages of content (this does not include the title, abstract or reference pages) and 5-7 scholarly resources in APA format (refer to the APA manual for specific details) on the information researched from the article and your views as well.· You must present full pages of content in order to earn maximum points. Submitting less than the minimum full page requirement will result in a reduction of points. Any written paper without appropriate citation and integration of authoritative sources will receive a 75% at best.Atchison, T. J., Belcher, D. W., Thomsen, D. J. (2013). ERI distance learning center: Online compensation textbook. Retrieved from, T. G. (2003). The evolution of compensation in a changing economy. Retrieved from

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