Complex Articles

In this essay, you will read at least 2 articles on a subtopic related to identity (choose one topic: RACE and/or Ethnicity or GENDER), and then you will draw the two articles/sources together by considering how both writers’ present arguments differently on the topic, provide different evidence, focus on various angles of the topic, and conclude at the end of your essay your thesis and overall thoughts. You should base your essay on a larger point (your thesis) you are making about the two articles/authors and your chosen topic. Consider the insight you’ve gained by examining the articles together. You will need to reference (through quotation and paraphrase) the articles in your essay.   Your purpose is to show that you have understood complex articles, thought critically about them and discovered intersections among them. Your goal is not to agree or disagree with a writer, or judge that one is correct versus another. You should assume that the reader has also read the articles so that means you do not need to summarize the articles.  Two articles required. The articles must have an author and be credible sources Work Cited page  required (does not count toward page count)

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