Compound Figures

Part 1: ResearchReview the compound figures, Figure 9.28, Figure 9.29, and Figure 9.30 in Exercise Set 9.1 on page 614. Design your own compound figure.Include two different sized rectangles in your compound figure.Include one half-circle in your figure.Include one right triangle in your figure.Part 2: MathematicsUse your textbook and the figures from Part 1 to answer the following (See the “Uploads” section below for instructions on submitting this portion of the project):Draw the compound figure including each shape outlined above. Label each edge with a length. The lengths do not need to be exact; you may make them up, but they must make sense mathematically, that is, if a side looks like it is twice as long as another, make up a value that represents this. [30 points]Find the area of each shape listed in Part 1. [15 points]Find the total area of the compound figure. [15 points]Part 3: Interpret the ResultsWrite a tutorial giving the formulas, numerical substitutions, and final answers for Part 2. The tutorial should show all of the steps as if you are a professor writing instructions for a student. Assume that the student has no previous knowledge of geometry; therefore, the steps must be detailed. [40 points]

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