Comprehensive Financial Policy Memo

This course on Comprehensive Financial Policy focuses on policies in the field of finance to secure a good balance between financial stability and effective financial intermediation, between consumer and investor protection and better services for consumers and investors, and between market integrity and market vigor. The ultimate goal aims to promote sustainable economic growth and national welfare.

The memo you need to write has the following topic:

“Discuss whether financial institutions’ activities are contributing to sustainable economic growth and the enhancement of people’s welfare. Also, discuss effective financial sector policies to achieve this end.”

(Note) Financial sector policy includes i) financial and market regulations, ii) monitoring of and enforcement on financial institutions and markets, iii) policies related to companies’ and households’ financial activities iv) analyze relevant micro- and macro-prudential policies, how they are likely to interact with other policies, and any possible unintended consequences 

Please pay attention to answer all questions and sub-questions: 1) Which are the financial institutions activities 2) If they contribute to sustainable economic growth, and which of them exactly and how 3) which of them and how enhance welfare. Most importantly you must analyze “all effective financial sector policies to achieve this end” and expand on those.

Format of the memo:

You can keep this format as a general guideline, but its better to adjust the structure per the questions asked for the memo. 

You can use sources of your preference, it is a wide topic with plethora of research. I welcome your original idea and thoughts on the memo topic.

Good Luck!

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