concept essay drafting assignment

Read “A Guide to Writing Essays Explaining Concepts” on pages 264-268 of Reading Critically, Writing Well. Then do a writeup of at least 500 words using the six bullet points on pages 268 under Explanatory Strategies as your guide (pick a few bullet points to use; some suggestions work better than others depending on the concept you have selected): Define your concept, use examples/anecdotes to describe the concept, compare it to other ideas or familiar concepts, explain it by subdividing or classifying it, describe the process behind the concept, and or describe its causes or effects. At then end of this writeup, include what you believe will be your thesis statement. Identify it by stating “Thesis Statement” so that I can easily find it and comment on it. Ask any questions for me at this point, as now as the time to get things straight as you finish your research and draft your essay due next week. This exercise is designed to get you thinking about the concept essay you will write for this class. Feel free to use what you write here as the basis for drafting your essay. Notice that you will discover that there are many ways to describe a concept, and a successful completion of this assignment will assist you in understanding how to write about your topic in new and interesting ways. If you used sources as you wrote this, please include an updated Works Cited list.

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