Concept of a Compression Algorithm

Outline the concept of a compression algorithm, explaining how different algorithms handle the compression process in different ways Explain how different file types are capable of different compression ratios Describe the process of compressing one or more files using the compress command Describe the process of uncompressing a compressed file using the uncompress command Explain why the cat and more utilities cannot be used to view the contents of a bzip2 compressed file Describe the difference between a system backup and an archive Provide an overview of the tape archive (tar) utility Provide an overview of the dump/restore utility Explain the concept of a checksum, including how it can be used to ascertain that downloaded software was received in its entirety Describe the configure, make, and make installation commands and their purposes Describe the purpose of the ./configure command Provide a basic overview of the RPM package format, and explain any options that you use in conjunction with the rpm command during this installation, such as –i, -v, and –h

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