Conflictual, Political Process Matters

Read the East Bay Times article by Peter Hegarty below and answer the questions that follow. San Leandro council heeds demands, votes 4-3 to defund police department (Links to an external site.)the article: one complete paragraph explain how San Leandro City Council’s recent close vote decision to defund police and redistribute money into a “bucket” illustrates Bianco and Canon’s argument that politics is conflictual, process matters, and that it is everywhere.Things to think abouta) Who are the various “stakeholders” (as defined in text)? In other words, who are all the people that have a “stake” in the outcome of the decision (think broadly)?b) Why do you think the process of how this decision is made (or not made) is important – explain. ? About 5-7 sentences long? Demonstrates that you read/watched/listened closely and understood the article. (If you don’t understand, ask for help!) ? Illustrates thoughtfulness? Uses correct grammar and spelling

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