Congo and Africa’s World War

Crash Course Video: Congo and Africa’s World WarWhat is Africa’s World WarWho is Leopold II, and how was he related to the CongoHow did decolonization affect the region?Who is Joseph Mobutu, and what did he do in the Congo?How did Mobutu maintain power?Who was Paul Kagame? How is he related to the genocide in Rwanda?Who is Laurent-Desire Kabila? How is he related to the AFDLWhat is the first Congo War? What is the second Congo War?Who is Joseph Kabila?What is China’s role in the Congo? Is this new colonialism?What role has the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) played in the recent history of Africa?CrashCourse. (2015, January 16). Congo and Africa’s World War: Crash course world history 221 [Video file]. Retrieved from

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