Connections Paper

Length- 700-1000 Assignment Select a song, image, video, or other artistic expression in English and make an argument for a) how it connects to one text that we read in this class and b) what that connection illustrates about a specific theme/idea/issue. Assignment Goals • continue to showcase your text-based analysis skills • solidify composition skills (organization, fully developed and well-argued ideas) • expand intellectual engagement with literary texts Evaluation Criteria Argument Does the paper have a clear, accurate thesis statement that states what this connection illustrates about the specific theme/idea/issue you have chosen? Does the paper’s argument illuminate the theme/idea/issue chosen? Evidence and Analysis Does the paper provide evidence for every claim? Does the paper provide convincing, illuminating analysis of each piece of evidence? Organization Does the introduction introduce both works and the issue/idea/theme, finally concluding with a thesis statement? Does each paragraph have a topic sentence that is clear, accurate, and precise? Is each paragraph unified around a single idea? Is each paragraph relevant to the thesis and does each one build on the previous one to advance that thesis? Are transitions used, as needed, to signal how each paragraph builds on the one before it? Professionalism Does the paper use correct MLA-style citations (both in-text and works cited)? Is the paper formatted in MLA style (see template)? Is the writing clear, and is the paper free from spelling and typographical errors?

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