Consequences of Brexit 

Thesis should consist of 3 parts: theoretical part, empirical part and conclusion(3-4 pages). At the end- all references, bibliography, webography and etc. Theoretical part should include at least 2 chapters, one more general, the second one more related to the subject. First chapter should consist of approximately 20 pages. Empirical part can consist of 1/2/3 chapters ( first description, then my own research – methodology, descriptions etc.). Suggestions from professor: First define the topic, propose the questions, define the structure. At the beginning of the thesis should be introduction ( 2 parts) : few sentences about the thesis and then description of methodology ( 1-2 pages). The paper should include  proper research questions or hypotheses. The formatting: size 12, new romance/ Arial. Space 1,5. Deadline: 12 August 2020.

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