Constitution Amendment

*As per the Paper Assignments: A) Paper has to be 3 pages long B) It has to be double space and one-inch margins on all sides C) It has to be typed in Times New Roman Font (12) D) Written in MLA format with endnotes E) Needs to have at least 4 citations from 4 different reputable sources within your paper. No Wikipedia is allowed. *The papers will consist of opinion/research essays. Topics to choose from: PICK ONE A)    Choose and write about 3 different Supreme Court Cases that took place in the last 20 years.   What was the name of the case? What was it about? (Provide some detail)  What was the final vote?  Do you support or oppose their decision?  Why? B)     What is the current Stimulus / COVID 19 bill about?  (Provide details of the plan) What is the Democrats Plan?  What is the Republicans Plan?  Has it passed the House?  the Senate?  What does President Trump think?  What are your thoughts on the matter?

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