Consumer Behaviour

My professor is essentially looking for us to explain 2 chapters as if we were to teach HER, the material. Below I will enlist details of the topics. Please EXPLAIN in your own words and use Covid-19 examples to demonstrate: chap 4: • consumer preferences AND the concept of utility. • indifference curves ( Trade offs: what is someone willing to give to substitute of X for more of Y) • consumer income/ budget constraint (factors that affect). • consumer optimization problem/optimal choices – how and why tangency is important //optimal bundle )• how income changes affect an individuals consumption choices• how price changes affect consumption choices. • consumer responses to price changes (substitution & income effects)• the impact of changes in another goods price (substitutes and complements)• lastly summarize by linking consumer behavior with market demand)<>>***Thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate writers. It was never my forte. I never knew how to start. I sound like what I learned in boat school. (spongebob reference)****email me if needed:

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