Consumer Package Goods Companies

Many consumer package goods companies go nuts with packaging–making them elegant and expensive-looking all the while knowing buyers will mutilate them and discard them as fast as they can. Belgian chocolates, perfumes, iPhones are some examples of fine packaging. Why, then, some products are sold in poor or no packaging? For example, why are not tires sold in nice packaging (or some wrapping at all)? Be sure to cite the marketing concept (does not have to be from chapter 11 alone) to support your answers. Approximately 200 words. Target owns several private-label brands in different categories, including Mossimo and Xhilaration clothing, Threshold home furniture and décor, and Archer Farms food.  Creating all of these brands is complex and expensive.  Would it be better for Target to market all of these goods under a “Target” brand?  Why do you think Target creates and supports individual brand names instead of using the Target brand? Approximately 200 words.

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