Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

The topic is “An analysis of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods(CISG) and its relevance to developing countries. This paper aims to understand and analyses the CISG, scope and structure and to evaluate its impact on SARRC (South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation). This paper will also consider Its impact on developing countries and the implementation system of non cisg in SARRC countries .Dispute resolution mechanism and its strengths and weaknesses. The regional agreements made by the SARRC COUNTRIES will also be analyzed. The research shall be confined to literature survey,which shall include constitutions,textbooks, journal,articles, newspaper reports and the internet and the other relevent literature sources. The aim is also to find out the pattern of use of sales law in different situations of these countries specifically BANGLADESH, PAKISTAN AND INDIA if the don’t cisg contract countries. RESEARCH QUESTIONS:If the SARRC countries are not using CISG Contract law then how they are doing their international trade. HOW does the UN convention apply CISG in the non USER SARRC developing countries. IS there any different method for applying cisg for developing countries? HYPOTHESIS OF THE paper: If the SARRC countries are not using CISG law ,then the will be less benefited economically in trade and business

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