Control Opioid Abuse

Summary: Please submit your two-page outline here.  Unlike your last submission, this should outline steps to investigate your topic.  For example: “Is America on the Right Path to Control Opioid Abuse?” 1. The introduction will explain the history of opiates in the US, including where it came from, laws, and users of the drug from the 1800s to present.  Opiates both illegal and prescription based will be examined. 2. Government sources from the Department of Justice, FBI, DEA, and others will show the history of drug laws up to the present in amounts imported, economic impacts, and arrests. This will include Federal laws and show some states that reduced to misdemeanors. Federal incarceration rates vs State prison and county jail statistics will be reviewed. 3. States will be contrasted to show the influence of legalization or decriminalization.  Statistics will show incarceration levels from 1950-2020 by decade comparisons.  Overall numbers in America and also a per capita comparison state by state. 4. Overdose Deaths statistics will be compared by decade, including comparisons of states and their policies of decriminalization (for example- in California, opiate possession is a misdemeanor, while they are felonies in other states.  Which has better control over-incarceration and death rates? 5. Impact on local law enforcement.  Strategies used? Arrests, accommodations? Naloxone effect? 6. Conclusion: Is America doing enough? What else can be done? What is the overall financial cost to the US? Incarceration, public health? Hospitalization? Drug Rehab? Illness/death? Alternatives?

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