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Write 2 Peer Responses to the following Discussion Board Posts Peer Response: Please respond to at least two of your peers’ initial posts. You might mention if the response is clear, contains text examples, and if the response persuaded you. Do you agree with your peer’s response? Peer Response 01: Hello Everyone!    This was such an interesting story. I was reading intently the whole time to find out why they were all gathering.  I think the main drive of this story is Man vs. Self.  From the surface, it seems it would be Man vs. Society because society started the lottery and made it a tradition each year. But it is man who is conflicting with himself on whether it should be stopped or not. There are quotes in the text which tells us that it can be stopped if the residents want to stop it. Mr.Adams said, “…that over in the North Village they’re talking of giving up the lottery.” Mrs. Adams said, “Some places have already quit the lottery.” This is a very important piece to the story because it tells us that they are thinking of stopping the lottery. Man is not conflicting with society in this story because they are agreeing with the lottery by showing up and not protesting. No one is even complaining about it. It wasn’t until the end of the story that we realized it was a bad thing to get the “black spot”. Moreover, Man is conflicting with man because they have conflicting views. In one part of the story, it seems everyone is very respectful, friendly, and cordially. Here is one example: She tapped Mrs. Delacroix on the arm as a farewell and began to make her way through the crowd. The people separated good-humoredly to let her through. In the last part of the story, people are the complete opposite as they all run to throw stones at Mrs. Huchinson. Mrs. Delacroix picked up a large stone to throw at her “friend”. example: Mrs. Delacroix selected a stone so large she had to pick it up with both hands. Mr. Adams who earlier mentioned to Old man Warner that some places have stopped the lottery, was now first in line to throw a stone. ex: Steve Adams was in the front of the crowd of villagers.     A time when I had a conflict in my workplace was when I was working in an office and my co-worker always left early without telling our boss. A few times she would ask me to cover for her and tell our boss she was in the office when she actually wasn’t. I was very conflicted on what to do as the co-worker was a good friend of mine and we both did not care for our boss. But in the end, I decided to tell my boss about her absence because it wasn’t worth me losing my job.  I learned that sometimes resolving conflicts are not as awkward as it seems they will be. Conflict resolution always relieves stress and helps people to work together.  Stacey  Peer Response 02: Sue Solis  Man vs. Society COLLAPSE The Lottery has many conflicts in the story weather it was man vs self or man vs society. The one I choose is man vs socieety because they have more conflicts.Mrs. Hutchinson had an issue with the drawing the happened on June 27. She forget what day is was and woundered where everyone was at. Every man choose a piece of paper, which they won’t allowed to open it up until everyone got a piece of paper. Once they opened the paper they seem her husband had the black dot. That’s when Mrs. Hutchinson started saying it was not fair. Her excuse was that mr. summers didn’t give him enough time to draw. Then the whole family had to draw and this time she got the paper with the black dot. While they where throwing stones at her  she was yelling “It isn’t fair, it isn’t right”. Being in the child care field I often see things that should be corrected. For instance, I worked hard to get to where I am at now. Well when I got hired on as an infant teacher the boss told me that we are late three times we are fired. Well after I was late from lunch two times she said something to me and said that if I was late one more time I was going to be fired. Meanwhile, another staff member was always later weather it was 20 or 30 minutes. Not once was anything said to her about her coming in late. What I learned was that because she was cool with boss she didn’t care about being late. Once she wanted to quiet the boss was not taking her coming in late any longer and let her go.

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