Coordination of Disaster Preparedness

Select a recent disaster (occurring 3 years ago or less) event or disease outbreak. Research articles from credible sources. Review the following questions and select two to answer. Who was in command of that incident? Explain whether or not you think the right organization and individual/s were in command. Provide a rationale for your answer. How might federal, state, and local resources be coordinated? (International students can refer to provincial, territorial, etc.) How might state and local agencies and officials work together to plan and respond to this disaster? What laws, rules, and regulations are important in this situation and why? What other significant issues might they need to deal with and why? Who is liable if something happens to a person who is helping with the relief effort? Explain how the person would be liable. How might the national incident management system (NIMS) come into play in this situation? Assignment!!!: 1. Post a brief description of the disaster you chose.  2. Then, explain your answers to the two questions you selected. (Refer to them by number in your posting.)  3. Then, assuming the role of a leader in this situation, suggest tasks involved in planning in order to be prepared for future disasters and explain why you are suggesting them. Relate your tasks to the two questions you selected. Be specific and provide examples. Helpful websites:

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