Corporate Finance Discussion

Read through the case and answer questions with calculation and explanation:   Recommend weighted average costs of capital (i.e., WACCs) for EPC’s consumer products, medical devices, and pharmaceutical divisions respectively?  (Remember to unlever comparable company betas and to use average betas of the comparable companies in calculating divisional WACCs.  Then remember to relever the beta to represent the target leverage ratio in market value terms.)   Recommend the types of investments that should be evaluated using EPC’s divisional WACCs?   Explain what would occur if EPC were to use a single corporate-wide WACC for evaluating investment opportunities in each of its lines of business?  What would be the likely consequence for the company over time if this were to occur?   Calculate EPC’s corporate-wide WACC.  (Remember, EPC’s corporate-wide beta is 1.04.  This beta is based on EPC’s historical market leverage ratio.)

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