Corporate Social Responsibility

Assume that you work for the organization that was the subject of the ethics complaint. You will describe the ethics scandal and stakeholders. Then, using at least two of the articles below, explain how you will update your organization’s CSR policy to avoid similar ethics breaches going forward and regain public trust. Please research a current (within the past 2 years) scandal involving online privacy. You may use scholarly or credible news sources for the background information (for example, Wall Street Journal, New York Times), but not blogs or news aggregators (such as Huffington Post).   Here’s the list of potential sources on CSR: Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility  (Links to an external site.) Pitfalls to Avoid  (Links to an external site.) Tips for Corporate Social Responsibility  (Links to an external site.) Carroll’s CSR Pyramid And Its Applications to Small And Medium Sized Businesses  (Links to an external site.) Business Cases and Corporate Engagement with Sustainability: Differentiating Ethical Motivations  (Links to an external site.) Corporate Social Responsibility, Noise, And Stock Market Volatility  (Links to an external site.)  In this assignment, you provide an analysis of a company that is not following its CSR and ethics policies. You will be presenting your response in a short paper.  The paper should be 4-5 pages in length (not including title and reference pages) and must follow APA guidelines, use Time New Roman, 12-point font, double spacing, with one inch margins. You must use and cite two of the articles listed above, and include at least one additional resource.

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