Corporations are a Threat to Environment

Need an research paper on corporations are a threat to environment. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. This research defines environmental pollution as an unfavorable variation of our surrounding through direct or indirect influence, causing changes in radiation levels, energy patterns, physical and chemical composition of our environment. Environmental pollution can occur naturally or in can be artificial (Antonescu & Mateescu, 2001). Due to this fact it can be said that the environmental pollution caused by corporations in U.S is artificial. Air, water and soil pollution caused by coporations can have health implications to the population living around the industries. Deaths and billions of dollars are lost in medical expenses caused by air pollution (Milton & Rahman, 1999). Industries are known to emit gases such as CFCs and metal ions such as Lead, nickel, copper and iron. These substances can find their way to livestock and contaminate the meat that humans are going to consume (Sabir et al, 2003). The goal of this research is to determine the implication of the pollutants that are emitted by corporations. It will also try to aim at investigating whether there are enough measure set in a corporation to recycle their waste as a ration to control pollution. This research aims to answers the following research question: If the hypothesis will be accepted, it will be prudent for the policy makers to formulate policies that will control environmental pollutions caused by these corporations. These will make the morbidity or mortality rates caused by pollution caused by corporation to decrease adversely.

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