Corynebacterium Diphtheriae

Paper is researching about Corynebacterium diphtheriae

1. Page limit – 5 to 7 pages (excluding citations).
2. 12-point font (Times New Roman); double-spaced text; 1-inch margin
3. A cover sheet or student information is not to be added to the text of the paper. The text of the
paper begins on the first line of document.
4. You do not need to write an abstract for paper.
6. Be sure to use spell check and grammar check. If your microorganism’s name is misspelled, you
will receive a deduction of 1?2 of a letter grade. Misspelled can include: genus/species name spelled
wrong, scientific name not in italics or underlined.

!!!!!7. The paper on your pathogen needs to include the following
a. b.
Gram status, cell morphology and colony morphology Disease the pathogen causes
i. Signs and symptoms of the disease
ii. Treatment for the disease (including the use of antimicrobials)
iii. Mode of transmission
iv. Antimicrobial resistance

8. Your paper should include the following:
a. Background information on your microorganism (growth requirements, colony and cellular morphology, etc.).
b. Try to find some unique aspects or characteristics of your microorganisms (maybe something I wouldn’t know).
c. Is your microorganism a true pathogen or opportunistic pathogen?
d. Describe your microorganism’s natural habitat (soil, water, animals, humans, etc.).
e. The disease the organism causes, along with signs and symptoms of the disease.
9. There should be in-text citations. Use the rules for in text citations from the Purdue Owl.

10. Add your citations at the end of the paper. The references start on a new page. References should
be cited using APA format.

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