Cost Control

Cost Controls Introduction             Begin your paper with a brief introduction on the importance of cost controls. A good introduction will sufficiently introduce the reader to the topics of your paper as well as the purpose of your paper. An introductory paragraph is at least three to five sentences in length. Cost Controls – Back of the House             In a minimum 250 word overview in a Word document following MLA format, outline a minimum of five different procedures and strategies that will be implemented to control costs in the back of the house for your business concept. Here are some areas to consider: planning, ordering, purchasing, receiving, storage and product rotation, inventory, food specifications, portion control, recipe standardization and costing, and waste accountability. Conclusion             Your last paragraph of every MLA formatted report is a concluding paragraph. This last paragraph emphasizes the main topics of the paper. Some conclusions may also provide a forward looking approach or a question to ponder. Most importantly, the concluding paragraphs will wrap-up the key points of the essay.

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