Counselling Observation Paper

watch the counseling videos below and write an 8-10 page reflection paper on their observations.   Training Links for observation:   These links were provided by John Sommers-Flanagan on CESNET:   1.     Counseling demonstrations with a 12-year-old. a)     Opening a counseling session: b)    The three-step emotional change trick: c)     John SF demonstrates the What’s Good About You? informal assessment technique: d)    Closing a session: 2.     Demo of assessment for anger management with a solution-focused spin with a 20-year-old client: 3.     Demo of motivational interviewing with a 30-year-old client: 4.     Demo of CBT for social anxiety with a graduate student: 5.     Demo of an MSE with a 20-year-old:      Sections to be covered in the Observation paper:   ·      Summary of each session – what did you observe in the video sessions? What specific behaviors did you notice (in the clients, in the counselor(s), in the interactions between client and counselor)? ·      Application of theory – what specific psychological theory can be applied in order to better understand the client in each video session? ·      Biblical Worldview Integration – How might integration of a bibical worldview be useful in the sessions? ·      Application of Learning – What did you learn from observing these video sessions that will be useful as you move forward in the field and in helping others?   Requirements for paper: 1.     Must be in current APA format 2.     8-10 pages in length 3.     Must include at least 5 peer reviewed citations within the text and corresponding reference page (these should be used in Application sections)

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