Counter-Geographies and Feminization of Survival

Counter-Geographies of Globalization and the Feminization of Survival. Each student is required to submit a Critical Reading Review as a course requirement. These “critical reviews” should be 5-6 pages in length (12-point font double spaced). Please do not exceed the 6-page limit. You should briefly summarize the author’s arguments and then assess the reading. Like any essay, a reading review needs to have a thesis which you will argue or defend, using evidence from the text. However, the thesis of your review should not focus on whether you agree with the thesis of the author whom you are reviewing. Rather it needs to be your assessment of the text: how effective and persuasive it is, and how relevant it is to the topic. You are not required to do any outside research for the Critical Review, although you may find that it helps you to situate the work under review within a broader literature. You can also draw on course readings to help provide context or illustrate your points. However, research is not necessary to do well and should be minimized. The article you are reviewing should be at the top of the first page of the review, not in a bibliography. Citations and a bibliography are required if you use any other sources, and you must document direct quotes/ideas taken from the piece under review.

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