Country Music and Identity

In MUSIC 117 we examine a variety of styles that are identified under the general understanding of “country music.”. In your final written assignment you are to examine one song that fits your own criteria of “country music” and provide the following:      1. A brief background of the song and its artist, e.g. date of release, album, artist’s bio (very brief)      2. An in-depth analysis of the song’s musical features (melody, harmony, rhythm, form, texture, instrumentation, dynamics)      3. What features make this song distinctively “country” and, most importantly, why?   Your research paper is an original piece of work. It is assumed that all students understand the meaning of plagiarism and that it will not be tolerated in any fashion. Ignorance is no excuse and will not be accepted. If you want to quote the words or use ideas from someone else, you MUST cite your reference and credit the originator of the ideas. Take this seriously because I do. Please see me if you have any questions.

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