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It helps if the topic is about an issue that’s close to your interests or experience. Again, this is an argumentative essay where you take a side/stand in a debate; it should not be informational or motivational. Your thesis for this paper must be arguable and clearly state your side on the issue. In other words, it must be a statement that reasonable people could oppose. You may switch topics from your proposal and annotated bibliography, but you will have to find new sources. The paper should be:?6-8 pages in length?based on research from 3-5 sources?APA format, including font, margins, cover page, header, etc.?double spaced?formal writing tone; minimal first person pronouns?in-text citations for any quotes or ideas you use from your sources?submitted with a correct APA References pageYou must choose a side in this paper. It is not enough to choose a controversial topic — teen curfews, for example — and tell your readers the arguments for both sides. You must argue either for or against teen curfews, and your thesis statement should clearly indicate your position. This is where you will incorporate your sources to support your thesis. Be sure to quote experts, use statistics and facts to give your case credibility and authority in order to persuade readers.Your goal in this paper is to persuade your readers to agree with you — or to at least reconsider their stance on this issue. Your tone in this paper should be respectful and reasonable. After all, are you more likely to be persuaded by someone who is screaming hysterically at you, or someone who is speaking to you in a Write a paper persuading your audience to agree with you about an arguable, controversial issue based

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