Creation Myths

Write a 600-1000 word paper on one of the following topics: 1. Analyze the fundamental attitudes toward reality in the Hindu, Manichaean OR Aboriginal creation myth (choose one only) 2. Pick one of the sacrifice rituals described–either the Ainu, the Dogon (Ogotemmeli) or the Sioux (Lame Deer)–and discuss its function and purpose and analyze the spiritual/psychological/physical techniques the ritual uses to achieve its goals. What are these techniques and how do they work to change individuals’ (and the group’s) self-understanding? options for readings for sources are below let me know about any questions I will gladly help you through it I know its a lot. Read Sproul, 201, “Four Versions of the Myth of P’an Ku” (China); 179, Rig Veda X, xc “The Sacrifice of Primal Man” (India); and Reading IV: On Sacrifice (PDF, in course materials), “Ainu Bear Sacrifice” (Japan); “Ogotemmeli on Sacrifice” (Dogon); and Lame Deer, “On the Sun Dance” (American).

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