Crime and Justice in Modern Britain

The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The uses of illegal drugs and particularly those of Class A has a very negative impact on the social and economic well being of the United Kingdom including the reputation of the country overseas.The increasing rates of drugs abuse in the country are largely associated with trafficking from other European nations like Spain, Netherlands and other parts of the world. The government through its agencies and other stakeholders have come up with strategies and policies to stop drug trafficking within the country. In relation to that, the government is also working on programmes to reduce drug use within the country in order to kill the market for drugs. According to Gov. of UK (2013), the agencies are aiming at reducing the number of people misusing illegal drugs and other harmful drugs by increasing the number of people who have gone through the recovery programmes from dependency on drugs. The agencies also aim at restricting the supply of drugs by identifying and prosecuting people who have been found involved in the trade.Drug trafficking in the UK is facilitated by two major factors which include the domestic wholesaler within the country, and the international suppliers from neighbouring countries in Europe. According to BBC (2015), illegal drugs and narcotics enter the UK through enamouring nations like the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and other parts of the world like Nigeria, Jamaica and Turkey. These are some of the reasons why the government has come up with policies to fight against trafficking.The OCC has the duty to transform the United Kingdom into a hostile environment for world-class and organised criminals. This is though promotion of a sense of shared endeavour by partnering with other stakeholders like the police, law enforcement units, the public and private sector as well as other volunteers.&nbsp.

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