Criminal Justice

Summary: Assignment No. 3 – Examine five (5) Peer-Reviewed Research Articles (Midterm assignment Due November 4, 2020)Assignment Instructions: Address each of the following issues in your narrative. Articles will be graded up to 20 points, for a combined maximum of 100 points. Evaluate (5) random peer-reviewed research articles from the criminal justice field regarding various contemporary social issues. Include the article title, URL, and author(s) name at the heading of each review. Present each topic in the following order presented.:1. Justify the research question or problem statement 2. Appraise the methodology of a research study 3. Assess the quality of the literature review 4. Critique the data collection process and or data collected in a research study5. Detect a research study findings, conclusion, and or recommendations·         Complete each review apart from the other·         Include no less than 5 different references per article ·         Attach a Reference page(s) at the end of each review for a total of (5) reference pages ·         Include only one (1) Title page and one (1) Abstract page·         Your review of each article must be no less than two (2) pages and no more than three (3) pages in length, not including a single Reference page at the end of each article For more information read this:

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