Criminal Justice

Below is an actual case where a presentence investigation was ordered to be completed by the probation department. Your assignment this week is to review the below case and decide what you believe is a fair sentence. I recognize that you do not have all of the facts, so please don’t include in your response that you do not have enough information to make a recommendation. I understand this, the only purpose of this discussion post is to provide you with a couple of “real probation cases”. A presentence investigation takes about 2 weeks to complete. Consider all options and make your recommendation.Question 1:PROBATION CASE:You are completing a presentence investigation on a 38-year-old female defendant named Helen who was charged with having sexual relations with her 15 year old son’s best friend. The friend was living with the defendant and her family at the time the relationship began. The defendant and the 15 year old had sexual intercourse on 2 occasions. The defendant entered a plea of guilty to sexual assault of a minor. The defendant does not have a prior record, and she is remorseful for her behavior. The victim and his family want the defendant to receive a term of probation. What would you recommend? Please support your recommendations (You do not need to cite references).Question 2:PROBATION CASE:Twenty-one year old college junior named Dave comes home for Christmas vacation. He is employed part-time for the local co-op in his home town. The co-op hosts a Christmas party for the employees and the co-op employees are the bar tenders. When Dave goes to the bar to get his drink, the bartenders thinks it would be funny to put double the alcohol in his glass. When Dave drives home to the family farm, he passes out and kills five college kids going home for the holidays. Dave is a regent scholar and he does not have any prior record. What do you feel is an appropriate sentence in this case?

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