Answer the 4 questions Answer the following with respect to classical school of criminology: A. Discuss the historical context of the origins (emergence) of this perspective. When did it arise? Was it a response to any previous perspectives? B. Discuss the assumptions made by this school of thought regarding the nature of human beings and their behavior (i.e., the “essential ideas” of classical thought). C. Describe why cr D. Discuss the crime-control implications of this perspective. What should be done to reduce crime? 2. Compare and contrast the classical and positivist schools of criminology. Do they share similarities? What are the differences? 3. Answer the following with respect to Lombroso’s scientific experiments: A. How did he conduct his research for The Criminal Man? B. What were his findings? C. Why/how did his findings lay the foundation for the positivist school of criminology? D. What were the limitations of his research? 4. According to evolutionary theories, why are men more likely than females to rape, engage in spousal assault, and engage in crime in general?

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