Critical Analysis

Purpose: This assignment is the same as Critical Analysis 1, so you will have another opportunity to demonstrate your ability to critically read and evaluate a writer’s position on a topic. You will do this by identifying the rhetorical situation and how effectively the writer uses rhetorical devices to appeal to the target audiences through logos, ethos, and pathos.   Remember, this is not a response paper, so be careful not to argue for or against the author’s opinion. Rather, analyze how well the author accomplished their goal through the use of rhetorical appeals and devices.   You should carefully look at your teacher’s feedback on your Critical Analysis 1 essay to identify which areas you need to improve in for this essay.   Direction: The Critical Analysis 2 articles.  Why We Shouldn’t Send Humans to Mars (Link: Carefully read the article and identify the rhetorical situation and 2-3 rhetorical devices used by the author.   Analyze and evaluate how well each device supports the author’s rhetorical appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos.   Write a 2-3 page critical analysis that summarizes the main idea of the article, introduces the rhetorical situation, and analyzes the effectiveness of the author’s use rhetorical devices.   Criteria: Content:  Summarize main idea of the article  Identify the rhetorical situation  Identify 2-3 rhetorical devices  Analyze effectives of rhetorical devices  Incorporate paraphrases or very short quotations (words/phrases) as examples to support your analysis. Avoid using long or block quotations.  Language:  Follow the conventions of standard academic English  Appropriately and accurately use academic vocabulary  Formatting:  8.5 X 11 paper size  1-inch margins  11-12 point, Times or Times New Roman font  Double-Spaced  APA citations and reference page 

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