Critical Analysis of Dissertation

Dissertation critical analysis Minimum of four typewritten pages.  Provide an APA style reference for the study at the top of page one. The purpose of the evaluation is to comment upon the adequacy of the dissertation as a research report by analyzing each component of the study methodology and statistical design. Point out any errors or poor procedures you detect, as well as strengths or desirable procedures. Use the outline below as a guide in your analysis. Note that for items 2 – 10 you are to state whether the research report provides adequate information or whether the procedure used in the research study was adequate. It is suggested that you use a five-point  Likert rating scale of very good (rating of 5) to very poor (rating of 1) to indicate the overall adequacy of each item. Be sure to support your position on each item. The last two items, 9 and 10, should reflect your overall perspective about the article. Items to Include in the Review 1. APA style reference 2. Title 3. Identify the primary research question(s) being investigated and/or research hypotheses tested. 4. Identify the independent variable(s) (if any). Classify the independent variable according to these criteria: a. active(manipulated) or assigned(attribute). b. quantitative or qualitative. 5. Identify methods by which confounding variables are controlled, i.e. physical, selective, or statistical (if any). 6. Specify the unit of analysis used in the study. Is the unit appropriate? 7. Identify the statistical procedure(s) employed and the null hypotheses tested. Is/are the assumption(s) of the statistical test met or not? Explain. 8. Identify the result(s) of the statistical test(s) (reject or fail-to reject). 9. Briefly state the substantive conclusion supported by the design and analysis. 10. Any suggestion(s) to improve the study design.

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