Critical Review

Critical Review Template  to critically review your chosen LENGTH: 1,000 WORDS, EXCLUDING REFERENCE LIST COMPULSORY REFERENCES: ·        Kervin, L., Vialle, W., Howard, S. J., Herrington, J., & Okely, T. (2016). Research for Educators 2nd Edition: Cengage Learning Australia. ( if you can’t find it use this allows you access to most of it) –         Chapters to note from this textbook:  Chapter 2, 3, 5,8) ·        Shank, G., Brown, L., & Pringle, J. (2018). Understanding Education Research: A guide to Critical Reading, Second Edition. London, Routledge.  Chapters to note from this textbook:  Chapter 1, 4 and 5, 3, 10,11, 9, 12, 13) ASSIGNMENT 1 DETAILS: REFER TO RTL 1 criteria and reference document The aim of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your ability to critically review a piece of educational research. In order to complete this assessment, you need to: – Select a research paper from those provided to you   ( titles are)   The Impact of Social Network Characteristics and Gender on Covert Bullying in Australian Students with Disability in the Middle Years ·        The impact of national standardized literacy and numeracy testing on children and teaching staff in remote Australian Indigenous communities ·        Pedagogies of performative care and school belonging: lessons from an Australian school ·        Challenging racism through schools: teacher attitudes to cultural diversity and multicultural education in Sydney, Australia – UTILISE THE TEMPLATE DOCx Read and identify the various sections of the article, including the a) review of the literature, b) research question(s), and/or aims; c) methodology, d) results and e) conclusions, and/or recommendations; – Evaluate the quality of the research paper using your textbooks and unit texts to help you make those decisions. Identify strengths and/or any gaps, oversights or general issues with the various elements of the research as presented in the article; – You must present your work professionally, demonstrating appropriate academic literacy including APA 7th edition referencing. The final section of the Critical Review Template will be your reference list

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