Cultivating Confidence Due week 7 and worth 175 points

Purpose: Queen Latifah knows it takes hard work and CONFIDENCE to take control of your future. That’s why she’s sharing her Laws of Confidence throughout this course. For this assignment, you’ll get a chance to demonstrate everything you’re learning about cultivating career confidence by providing advice to a fictional coworker, Cheryl, who could use a boost of confidence at work.”You’ll read more about Cheryl in the Webtext. Then, each week, you’ll use the Webtext templates to explain how to use what you’ve learned from one of the Laws of Confidence to help Cheryl cultivate her confidence in the areas she needs it and reach career success!In this assignment, you will… ? Explain how to use what you’ve learned from Queen Latifah’s Laws of Confidence to cultivate confidence in someone else. ? Suggest confidence building strategies outlined in the course that address Cheryl’s areas of need. ? Explain your rationale as to why you’ve suggested those sCultivating Confidence Due week 7 and worth 175 pointstrategies. ? Summarize all your advice for Cheryl.

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