Cultivating Sociological Imagination

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Cultivating Sociological Imagination. To begin with, one should point out that when it comes to analyzing politics that is implemented by the government with regard to the diverse cultures within the social environment, the first concept that comes to mind is multiculturalism. Indeed, this is an innovative approach towards the structure of social life which puts emphasis on the need to make sure that every culture within the society is given equal respect that is not discriminated against in any way (Parekh, 2000, 176). In addition to that, multiculturalism, as it can easily be understood from its very name, does not allow one single culture to become dominant on the social platform. It is quite obvious that this contradicts the approach towards organizing the society which was implemented in previous times.Another point that should be noted as far as a new form of cultural politics is concerned is the concept of inclusion of every culture in social life. Indeed, it often happens that a culture that is represented by a minority gradually becomes marginalized and its contribution towards the society, in general, is insignificant. There is no doubt that this might be viewed as a form of oppression. Multiculturalism argues that this can be dealt with if the above-mentioned kind of culture is included in the social life regardless of the number of people who represent it. What is more important is that this culture might be different from others that are already present. A suitable example may be found in Canada where together with a culture that is largely affected by English and French heritage, the culture of the aboriginal people is included.As one can easily see, the very goal of every new cultural politics is focused on the desire to avoid any conflict within the social environment by granting every culture within it a sufficient amount of room to live a full life.

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