Cultural and Sub-cultural Theories Critique The Chicago School and Cultural and Subcultural Theories of Crime Turnitin Assignment 2 3 page Summary/Critique on Kingston et. al., (2009). A Test of Social Disorganization Theory in High-Risk Urban Neighborhoods. in APA format to be turned into Moodle no later than Friday, September, 4th. You will be required to write a three-page summary/critique of each journal to be turned in before the end of that week’s Friday, before 11:59PM. Late essays will not be accepted. All essays must be submitted before 11:59 on the date specified. The essay/critique paper should be at least 3 pages but not more than 4 pages, typed, double-spaced and in APA format per the 6th edition of the manual.  Do not forget a cover page and reference page! No Abstract need in summary.

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