Cultural Competence

Description: Identify an ethnic or racial group you are interested in studying and learning more about. This ethnic or racial group has to be a group that you are not a current member of. Consider this an opportunity to learn about one of the many other cultures that exist within our community. For example, if I am African American, I will study a racial or ethnic group different from the group I am a member of. Examine and embrace this group and its culture by conducting researching, mingling with the group, attending an event sponsored by the group, interviewing members of the group, etc. Identify, describe and present the following cultural competence practice content considered within and among group differences:1. Demographic information: a. How is this group typically identified, who is considered to be members of this group (consider and identify within and among group differences), b. What are the current population numbers for this group? c. What has the research shown to be the identified needs of the population;2. Identify and describe aspects of historical and current oppressive experiences; a. Discuss significant historical events that have occurred within this ethnic or racial group you selected. b. Discuss any current oppressive acts this group may have recently experienced based on your interaction with the group, based on your local news, or research. c. Discuss whether or not this group is accepted within our society … Examine society’s perceptions about his group from a historical perspective and current perspective.3. Identify at least three (3) aspects pertaining to cultural awareness, knowledge acquisition, and skill development, including specific assessment and intervention skills and techniques needed for working with this population; a. Talk about the set of skills you will need in order for you to be effective with the group you have identified. b. What key cultural awareness information do you need to know as a professional when you begin working with this group? c. What things do you need to be knowledgeable of as you begin embracing this population?4. Lastly, discuss why you selected this ethnic or racial group. Discuss your current major and the importance of cultural competence in your field of practice upon graduation. It is important that you connect the material to you as an individual and you as a developing professional. Procedure: All student learners will use the course textbook to assist in preparing this paper. In addition to the text content, each learner must also locate and include a minimum of two peer-reviewed, academic journal articles or professional papers which support the aspects of culturally competent practice identified above and which further enhances understanding about culturally sensitive practice with the diverse population you’re covering. All narratives need to be type-written, double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font, and include the use of proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, and fully adhere to APA formatting, including proper citation in the text, a reference page, and also a proper title/cover page.This paper is expected to be a minimum of 4 pages in length, not to exceed 6 pages. This paper is to be uploaded to Canvas. Late papers will not be accepted … 5 points will be deducted each day the assignment is submitted outside of the designated due date.

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