Cultural, Demographic, Economic, Environmental, and Political Factors.

In this reflection and discussion forum, share your thoughts about any two reflection prompts provided below: Geography, as a scientific field of study, looks at the world from a spatial perspective. Describe how understanding the world from a spatial perspective brings new insights to the world you live in? How might geography offer a set of knowledge, skills, and tools that facilitate critical thinking and problem-solving regarding the world we live in? Geographic knowledge and skills provide a foundation for analyzing world patterns and processes. Describe how this knowledge and skillsets will help you better understand the world. Geospatial technologies increase the capability of gathering and analyzing geographic information with applications to everyday life. Explain how are you using geospatial technologies within your daily life? Describe some of the causes and consequences of migration and how they are influenced by cultural, demographic, economic, environmental, and political factors.How might the concepts of culture frame the shared behaviours of a society?

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