Feedback from the instructor:I like your idea of exploring the benefits and pitfalls of living in a multicultural society.I found the introduction statement unclear. After reading the entire outline, it seems that you’re proposing a paper that is about the benefits (tolerance, understanding of differences) and pitfalls (compromising of host or heritage culture, feelings of a lack of culture) of embracing a multicultural society.A great way to look at this topic is to compare the experiences of people who live in heterogeneous cultures versus homogeneous cultures. One example of a heterogeneous culture would be Canadian culture, whereby culture includes many people from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds live and work together and contribute to Canadian culture. A homogeneous culture would include Japanese culture, whereby the majority of people are of the same cultural background. See pp. 257 of the textbook.The section of your outline from the Thesis Statement onward is a pretty good outline for this assignment. Be sure that you are providing specific examples to illustrate/support the concepts you are discussing.I’m interested in your analysis of how multiculturalism can erode social trust. Again, be sure to use specific examples from the scholarly literature to support your statements.Let me know if you’d like me to read through any sections of your paper as you are writing, I am happy to provide some additional feedback!

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