Cultural Relativism

Use your textbook, any related videos listed on the course homepage, and related PowerPoint presentations posted on the course homepage to respond to all ESSAY QUESTIONS.  Responses should be thorough, including definitions, examples, and demonstrate a clear understanding of conceptual objectives listed on the Syllabus.  Each response should be 3-4 typewritten pages in length and double spaced. III.             please read the chapter on Culture, related videos, and PowerPoint Presentation on Course Homepage on Culture to address the following question.  Discuss in detail the concepts of culture and cultural relativism.  What are the elements of culture?  Cultural types?  Is there an American culture?  A global culture? What evidence do we have regarding a global culture? Define each and support your answers with examples. SEE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION ON CULTURE ON COURSE HOMEPAGE see video CHAPTER THREE  CULTURE culture cultural relativism material and ideational cultures Sapir-Whorf hypothesis general knowledge vs. guidelines for behavior norms – mores and folkways, values cultural universals Critical Period hypothesis cultural diffusion (rate) cultural leveling (process) cultural lag popular culture/high culture multiculturalism global culture/American culture cultural deprivation dominant culture, subculture, counterculture

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