Cultures and Values

Students will write a 500-word MLA essay defining cultures and values and analyzing how familial cultures and values shape and influence individuals’ identities. Thesis statements will be supported with examples from students’ own lives, as well as the assigned readings.

Only use this Source: One world, Many Cultures -Chapter 1

Example from students life:
#1 Because both my parents had to work I was generally in daycare of after school programs and they did put emphasis on the getting homework done but not they way parents do. I generally missed out on that get homework done and then get to relax part and I do feel it influenced me throughout my high school years and the first half of my college years, where I was horrible with time management and would leave everything for the last minute.
#2 As a child growing up in another country, I witnessed daily my parents and grandparents amazing work ethic that slowly but steadily moved them from having dirt floors to having one of the biggest houses in our town. That has definitely influenced me to work hard at any job I’ve ever had, no matter the role.
#3 my grandparents had traditional gender roles, where my grandmother did all the cleaning , cooking, taking care of grandchildren and my grandfather was responsible for securing food and bringing in the money to pay the bills. My parents had a mostly equal share of household duties from what I remember and what I’m told. I’ve currently shifted into a more traditional gender role, because it’s easier for me, but my partner is better at taking care of our toddler and getting him ready for school etc, than other domestic duties so it works out better for us in this particular time in our lives.
#4 A person’s values and traditions can shift because they no longer agree, changes with the times or are not able to participate. I grew up believing that it was alright to discipline children with corporal punishment, my mother rarely used it on me and never to a degree that anyone would call abusive, but it is something that is generally accepted in our family and our culture. Having a small child and remembering my own responses, that is something I will not be doing as a parent

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