Current Affairs Articles

You are required to complete a formal write-up of the two current affairs articles and will submit your write ups along with the articles. Each write-up should be at least 1 type written page (12 point font, APA Style- including in-text citation and a reference page).
Your submission should indicate the title of the article, author’s name, name of the publication (if it is an internet site, provide the URL), date of publication, as well as the country or US state that is the setting for the story/article.
In the first paragraph for each article, you need to provide a summary; in the second, provide a critique of the article, discuss the economic implications of the issue(s), relate to concepts learned in class. You should include your personal opinion on why it is important to focus on this issue, how it connects to the topics covered in the course, and discuss if relevant any recommendations or solutions that you
would recommend.

Focus on: Unemployment rate, international trades, covid 19 effect on economy, GDP, supply and demand

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