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GLST 200-LUO Current Event Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to increase your global awareness. Now that you have studied events and movements throughout the history of Christian mission, you will choose a current event/news article (no more than 2 weeks old) that relates to a culture/country in the majority world (countries in Africa, Asia, South and Central America and the Caribbean). Don’t just choose a random article, choose an article that you can apply the course material in your analysis. Write a 500-word summary that includes the information below. Requirements: 1. Review world news from the week and choose an article that has global significance. The article must be from a majority world country. Here are some world news websites. If you use a U.S. news site, remember to check the world and/or regional pages, not just the headlines page. a. b. c. d. e. f. 2. Complete the following in a Word document a. Include your name, course number and section in the top right corner of the document. b. Include the Article Link: c. Include the Article Title: d. List and answer the following questions about the article. 1. Give a brief description of the event or the situation along with the historical/political backgrounds contributing to this event. 2. Share why this article interests you. 3. Briefly discuss the implications of this event/story LOCALLY (where the event/situation occurred) and GLOBALLY. 4. As believers, how can we respond to this situation? Your response to question #4 should contain application of the concepts being learned in this course. 3. Your answers to the questions should total at least 500 words but no more than 800 words. Include a word count at the bottom of the assignment (note that the questions themselves do not count towards your word count). The assignment GLST 200-LUO should be completed in Times New Roman, 12point font, double spaced with 1- inch margins. 4. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! You should submit your response to the article NOT a word for word copy of the article. 5. Submit your assignment via blackboard by 11:59pm ET on Monday of week 4 (the last day of the module/week).

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